Thursday, January 10, 2013

Facebook Friends Make You Fat?

Facebook use is bittersweet.
          Recent studies published in the Journal of Consumer Research, conducted by Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh, found that people who browse their Facebook friends posts get a boost in self-esteem.  The study further suggests that the happy feelings associated with Facebook Friend interaction leads to weight gain, higher BMI and  other negative things such as spending more money, overeating and slacking off from exercise.
The idea is that feeling the boost in self-esteem makes us more comfortable with ourselves which in turn lessens our self control with foods we wouldn't normally eat. 

Will power is important for your health and your personal success. There have been numerous studies linking fitness and business success. 

Tips for healthy success:
1. Exercise in the morning. Your willpower grows weaker after making so many decisions all day long. 
2. Reward yourself for making healthy decisions. Reinforce good decisions and healthy habits.
3. Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation makes us more susceptible to temptations. 
4. Plan ahead and be prepared for temptations you'll face. 
5. Make a habit of waiting to check your Facebook until AFTER you've eaten. (The new zero calorie dessert... Facebook) 

Question to answer under comments:

What's your favorite thing to do on Facebook? Post photos, look at photos, catch up with friends, look for old friends, read posts, check in at locations, etc...


  1. Interesting! I've heard that Facebook leads to feelings of lower self esteem, though this theory makes sense too. I'm a firm believer that most people view Facebook as a means of competition to prove who has the best life. People seem to try and make their lives seem more exciting than most others, so I certainly get the spending more money correlation. I like to catch up with what other people are doing, see where they are currently living etc.

    1. Anna, I've heard that about lowering self-esteem too a while ago. I agree about people making their lives seem more exciting. I think old school photo albums did the same thing though with photos of family vacations etc. When I look through my facebook photos I think, "Man, I've done some fun stuff!" but I'm not posting photos of mundane moments. There are also people who constantly post about their woes and join the competition as "MY life is so much more miserable than yours."
      Thanks for the post :)

  2. So the secret to exercising and eating right is to feel bad about yourself. How can I turn that into a marketable diet does "Hey Fatty, Put Down That Cheeseburger: The Self Beratement Diet" sound?

    1. Jordan, check out this cartoon:
      The next bestseller: 101 Reasons to Postpone Your Diet.