Monday, January 7, 2013

Reading for Personal Development

Question: "Do I have to read to be successful? I'm really not much of a reader...."
Short Answer: "Yes!"
Longer Answer: "Yes, Yes, Absolutely Yes!"

Should I read the paper? YES
Should I read trade books in my industry? YES
Should I read blogs, social media postings, online articles, etc about things related to my industry? YES
Should I read blogs, social media postings, online articles, etc about things UN-related to my industry?... Still YES!

It is no coincidence that the most important skill you learn in grade school is literacy. 
If you are an MBA student you will read textbooks, trade books, articles. However, successful people never stop reading and learning. 

SOME of the benefits of reading:
1. Makes you smarter
2. Requires focus
3. Improves your vocabulary
4. Improves analytical and reasoning abilities
5. Increases creativity and imagination
6. Provides opportunity to learn about current events, your trade, yourself, others, and ANYTHING you'd want to know about
7. It will make you more savvy in business, a better conversationalist and it may even help you find a mate if you're single. 

Suggested Readings for MBA students:
1. This blog. (YAY! you already are reading it!)
2. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business (I'm listening to this now on audiobook)

Check out this review of The Naked Sales Person courtesy of Creative80 Design Studio owner Anna DiTommasso
Creative80 Design Studios, a full service agency specializing in identity development, print creation, and web design. Anna is a self diagnosed idea addict and small business advocate. She is also a personal friend who I admire greatly. 

Question for you to post a comment:
What are the 3 "Nevers" of your life?
1. Never regret the past
2. Never eat yellow snow
3. Never forget your toothbrush


  1. Never say never.
    Never give up.
    Never grocery shop on an empty stomach.

    1. Dan, This photo makes me think of your third Never: Never shop on an empty stomach.

  2. New Years Resolution #4080 is to read more books, thanks for giving me a short rundown on some good ones to start with.

    1. Jordan,
      I'm enjoying our already begun mini book club. Open to suggestions from you as well!

  3. I completely agree with your post, it's just so hard sometimes to make time to actually read a whole book. It's not my favorite thing to do either, and how to find a good book? I haven't read anything "great" lately. Recommendations?

    1. Yisell, I see from your blog you're interested in fitness and health. Have you read Fast Food Nation? I really enjoyed it.
      Don't Eat This Book Fast Food and the Supersizing of America
      The End of Overeating.