Monday, February 11, 2013

Vine's effective tutorial makes it easy to shoot Vine videos

I recently downloaded the Vine App for Twitter and was concerned it would be hard to use. The first thing this new App does is teach you how to use it in a straightforward effective way. Don't over think it. I just did what the screen said and viola! I made my first Vine video... Cool.

  1. Download Vine App on phone
  2. Sign in with Twitter account
  3. Touch the movie camera icon at the top rightside of your app
  4. Frame the action you want to capture on video, touch your phone's screen and HOLD YOUR FINGER down on the screen. 
  5. Lift your finger off the screen to stop recording.
  6. The video is paused until you touch the screen again to restart recording again. 
  7. WHILE you're holing finger on the screen, you're recording, When you let go Vine pauses recording
  8. The recording interface shows a green line moving across the top of the screen, showing how far along in the 6 seconds you are.
  9. Use the pause time to move the object or camera how you'd like
  10. When your 6 seconds of recording is up just decide where you want to share the Vine video.
  11. Done.
See my Vine video here: 
Not sure if you can embed them yet? Anyone know?


  1. This is cool! I've already seen a few of these pop up on my timeline. Glad to see Twitter taking the time to effectively educate people on how to use the new app.

  2. Thanks for sharing tips on using vine with us! I'm looking forward to making my first one...if can just get the cat to agree :)

  3. How I can friends in vine by name??